Nevada Master Development Plan


Cities in Nevada’s master plan to guide future decisions about their physical development. Master plans identify current issues and needs in the community, and set forth goals, policies and actions to address issues. They also contain specific functional areas that address many different and complex aspects of urban and suburban development, including conservation, historic preservation, housing, land use, public facilities and services, recreation and open space, safety and transportation.

The city’s current 2020 Master Plan, adopted in 2000 and updated periodically over the following decade, sought to address the challenges of rapid growth and transformation during the 2000s and 2010s. Since many of the goals and policies from that plan were achieved, it is now time to plan how our community will look in the future. The master plan team is made up of the city of Las Vegas, and the Smith Group and includes an executive steering committee and a citizens advisory committee.

red-rock-CANYON-NEVADANevada Goals

Land Use

As the city grows, we plan for where people will live, work, and play, while ensuring preservation.

Open Space

Parks, recreation and open spaces are essential parts of our city.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Moving people and goods is essential, and future infrastructure must be accounted for.

Economy & Education

Ensuring our region boasts a competitive economy that is diverse and makes use of new technologies.

Services & Facilities

The provision of city services is the foundation for a world-class community.

Guiding Principles

Based on feedback we’ve heard from the Las Vegas City Council and Planning Commission, the City of Las Vegas 2050 Master Plan is utilizing the following draft vision statement, guided by principles that will help us measure success, weigh recommendations, foster community-driven implementation and improve quality of life for all residents:

The City of Las Vegas will be a leader in resilient, healthy cities, leveraging the pioneering innovative spirit of its residents to provide equitable access to services, education and jobs in the new economy.

The key issues based on the results of our survey, feedback from public outreach events and June 2019 Town Hall meetings have been included in our draft goal statements to be addressed in the master plan.

An Equitable Las Vegas for All

When we imagine our city in the future, we see a city of clean air and water for all. A city that provides access to education, healthcare, resources and jobs no matter where in the city we happen to live—all while acknowledging that each ward has its own distinctive character.

A Resilient City

To ensure a quality of life well into the future, we need to be bold to address acute shocks and chronic stresses unique to our growing community, including mental and physical health, homelessness, changing weather patterns, rising temperatures and water scarcity.

A Healthy City

We see opportunities to make more communities more walk-able and responsive through mixed use developments together with ample parks, open spaces and recreational opportunities.

Livability Las Vegas Style

For all the change the future will bring, we want to maintain strong ties to qualities of the city that make it distinctive and meaningful and prepare to meet emerging market demands.

Innovation: Attracting the Boldest and Brightest

Smart technologies can improve quality of life and provide innovative solutions for multiple generations to drive new economic development and emerging markets. There is a need for more flexible regulations around place types across the city. We need to address sprawl, to promote land uses that support different transportation types, and to strengthen connections new areas and markets.