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1) - Search

The first Step toward finding your new home, is to search the database of available properties. This will allow you to eliminate the properties that do not fit your needs, or that won't be able to provide you with the necessities you require.

2) - Fill out our Application

We have a free online application that will get your foot in the door for any one of our properties. This application is fully secured and encrypted. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION

3) - View the Property

The next step will be to view the properties for which you have selected. Call our office (702-395 9990) and schedule a time to view these properties. You will want to walk through the property to insure that it will meet your needs.

4) - Secure the Property

All rental properties in California and Nevada require a security deposit before any tenant can move in. This is especially useful if you will not be able to move in for a short period of time. Contact our office for more details. You CAN NOT secure a property for which you have not walked through and viewed the inside.

5) - Finalize the Application

Once you have secured the property, we perform various background checks and final inquiries before you can move in (some charges may apply).      

6) - Sign the Lease

After your application is approved, you will come down to our office and sign the property's lease.

7) - Move In

Congratulations, you have found your new home, and you can now move in. We hope you will enjoy working with us and the services we provide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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