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Integrity Real Estate and Property Management offers a full leasing management service for real estate investors. Our highly experienced staff possess a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leasing your property and will advise you in all aspects of the property market.

Listing your property

Wes Green President and CEO - Wes Green Commerical Real Estate in Redlands, California Integrity Real Estate & Property Management in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Call Integrity Real Estate and Property Management to arrange a no obligation appointment for advice on leasing your property which will include a lease valuation, marketing appraisal and a quotation of the fees. 702-395 9990

Once you decide to lease your property, an appointment will be arranged to collect details, including measurements and photographs for the schedule of particulars.

Once approved, the property particulars will be circulated to our mailing database and included on our web site.

Marketing your property

In addition to our web site, which can also be accessed through other major web sites specialising in the leasing/rental market. Integrity Real Estate and Property Management positions your property in specialized publications and further advertising can be included in local newspapers.

We also keep a register of re-location agents and potential tenants who are informed of your property by regular telephone contact, direct mailing and email alerts via the website. 

Tenant credit checks

All potential tenants must complete a credit report. This information will be evaluated by Integrity Real Estate and Property Management from which an independent financial assessment on the tenant is made. 

Negotiation and preparation of lease

Integrity Real Estate and Property Management's standard lease agreement has been developed in order to clarify the terms by which the property will be leased. Integrity Real Estate and Property Mnagement will sign the agreement as the landlord's agent.


Prior to the tenant taking occupation of the property, a full inventory is prepared including a record of the condition and repair of the residence. The tenant is provided with a copy of the inventory and is required to check or amend as necessary, then sign and return the form to Integrity Real Estate and Property Management within 7 days. At the end of the term the inventory is checked to ensure that there is no damage or loss (fair wear and tear excepted) either to the contents or to the property itself. If there is damage or loss (fair wear and tear excepted) then the cost of any repair or replacement is charged to the tenant. 

Collecting rent

A standing order will be set up between Integrity Real Estate and Property Management and the tenant. The landlord will receive a monthly statement of account.

Property inspections

Integrity Real Estate and Property Management will carry out regular inspections normally at three monthly intervals and provide the landlord with a detailed report.

Property maintenance

The landlord is responsible for all the maintenance and repairs, except where repairs are directly attributable to the tenant whether due to accidental or negligent damage. Many of these repairs can be minor in which case, Integrity Real Estate and Property Management will instruct work as necessary and any costs will be deducted from the received rent.

For any major repairs, quotes will be obtained and the monies requested in advance. Obtaining the landlords consent for minor repairs can be an administrative burden, which can lead to delay and a deterioration in both the relationship with the tenant and the landlord. Therefore by instructing Integrity Real Estate and Property Management to manage the property a landlord will also be authorizing Integrity Real Estate and Property Management to instruct repairs of up to $250 without having to first obtain the landlord's consent.


In addition to the rent the tenant will be responsible for and pay all accounts when they fall due for any gas, oil, electricity, telephone and water consumed during the period of rental. 


The insurance on the building and any furniture, fittings or furnishings which belong to the landlord will remain the landlord's responsibility. The tenant is responsible for insuring their own belongings in the property and it is always advised for the tenant to insure the contents. The terms of the landlord's insurance policy may be changed as a result of the property being let or left unoccupied for a period of time. You are advised to check the details of your insurance policy carefully or to ensure the insurance company is made aware of the circumstances.


Integrity Real Estate and Property Management will prepare, an annual statement of rent for managed properties for each tax year.

Safety regulations

All landlords are responsible for and required to comply with the current safety regulations, details of which can be provided by our staff. Integrity Real Estate and Property Management can arrange for all relevant checks to be carried out if required.

It is also the landlords responsibility to ensure all electrical equipment and appliances meet with the Electrical and Fire Regulations. A qualified electrician should check and submit a report to confirm the safety of the electrical equipment and appliances and although there is as yet no statutory testing we recommend it be carried out on an annual basis.

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