At Integrity Real Estate and Property Management, customer satisfaction is our bottom line. We know that different real estate investor needs demand individual solutions. Our team of highly qualified professionals work directly with owners to ascertain their needs and goals. We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions in order to build value in their real estate investment. As a result, we are able to construct long-term relationships based on care and accommodation.

Higher returns available in retail are only attainable with guidance from a strong property management, leasing and accounting team. Our professionals are rich in commercial retail experience covering all aspects of complex issues that face this investment classification.

We study industry trends observing which retail concepts are growing or fading. Attracting and selecting the winning combination of tenants drives tenant sales by making the retail property a strong customer draw. The tenant’s financial strength and business experience along with local demographics is also considered when choosing the tenant. We make it our business to know the tenants’ business, ensuring they are right for the property.

The management, leasing, and accounting services team work closely together from the outset of any lease negotiation until the tenant is open for business. The effective leasing we provide maintains the Landlord’s control of the property, secures and enhances cash flow, thereby maximizing the property’s value.

Retail real estate is ever changing, and therefore, ongoing property upgrading is required to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences and tenant requirements. Collaborating with architects, engineers, designers and consultants, our asset management team oversees all facets of renovation programs.

Retail management is all about creating a “win win” situation because when the tenant does well, so does the Landlord.

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