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Real estate investors goal for their income producing properties is to guarantee their properties are profitable and generate a healthy cash flow. Timely and accurate financial reports that conform to generally accepted accounting standards are made available to real estate investors on a monthly basis.

We recognize that the goal of income producing property is to produce income. Timely and accurate financial reports with descriptive narratives and detailed spreadsheets are made accessable so investors always know exactly how their properties are performing. Integrity Real Estate and Property Management employs the most current financial software and generate customized reports to accommodate client preferences. All reports conform to generally accepted accounting standards. We provide comprehensive budgeting, and all basic reports including:

- Operating Statements
- Accounts Payable
- Payroll
- Balance Sheets
- Accounts Recievable
- Rent Increases
- General Ledgers
- Budget Variance
- Replacement Reserve
- Cash Flow Statements
- Tenant Turnover
- Surplus Cash


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